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  • What is the meaning of Cosmetic spray filling machine?


    The shelf life of cosmetics is at least three years, which is the consensus of most consumers at present. But in fact, after opening cosmetics, the shelf life will be greatly shortened. If you encounter wet, harsh environments, the shelf life will be shortened! How to make cosmetic moisturizers, lot Read More

  • How much do you know about the Air freshener filling machine?


    Air freshener filling machine guarantees filling accuracy and increases filling speed by 20%-35%. It is easy to operate, easy to maintain, save labor costs and has higher production efficiency. What are the features of Air freshener filling machine?What are the technical parameters of the Air freshe Read More

  • What is the meaning of Fire extinguisher spray filling machine?


    Filling machines have a big market in this market now. Therefore, the liquid filling machine has played a very important role in the market. There are many types of liquids in daily life, such as lotions, sprays, beverages, juices, soy sauce, vinegar, etc. Many of them are liquids, not only the exam Read More

  • What is the function of aerosol machine?


    Aerosol means that the medicine, emulsion or suspension is encapsulated in a pressure-resistant aerosol filling machine with a special valve system together with a suitable propellant, and the content is sprayed into a mist by the pressure of the propellant. It is used for pulmonary inhalation or di Read More

  • Why do we need aerosol filling machine?


    aerosol filling machine is currently composed of conveying device, quantitative device, positioning device, detection device, electric control system, and air control system, and is a sophisticated production equipment. What is the new development of aerosol filling machine?How to use the aerosol fi Read More

  • What do you know about the body spray filling machine?


    The body spray filling machine is mainly used in daily chemical and other industries. It is suitable for round bottles and special-shaped bottles of various materials; it is filled with piston pump or peristaltic pump, and the filling volume is accurate without dripping. According to different pump Read More

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