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  • What does the under cap filling machine mean?


    The under cap filling machine is a machine that integrates vacuum, quantitative filling, sealing and recycling. It is a special equipment that must be sealed immediately after filling from the valve cover (coreless valve) in a vacuum state. What are the important components of the under cap filling Read More

  • How much do you know about the aerosol filling machine?


    The aerosol filling machine is a kind of filling machine. The filling machine is a mechanical equipment that can handle various shapes of objects such as liquids, gas, paste, powder, etc. The products filled by aerosol filling machine are common medicines, cosmetics, air purification, mosquito contr Read More

  • What do you know about the 75% alcohol disinfectant spray filling machine?


    The 75% alcohol disinfectant spray filling machine is improved on the basis of the semi-automatic filling machine, and the micro filling machine, sealing machine and micro gas filling machine are set in one working position. The linear screw bottle pushing system is used to replace the original manu Read More

  • How can we choose aerosol filling machine?


    With the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, there are more and more aerosol products, and the application fields will continue to expand, and there are still many potential fields to be developed. The production of this type of aerosol Read More

  • How to choose aerosol filling machine?


    Choose semi-automatic or fully automatic aerosol filling machine according to your production volume, the definition of aerosol product packaging material is still very standardized. Product samples can be provided to the equipment manufacturer for proofing testing to determine which machine is suit Read More

  • What are the steps of using BOV aerosol filling machine?


    Aerosol products are often filled with flammable and explosive substances during production. The BOV aerosol filling machine generally adopts the mechanical structure mode of full pneumatic transmission to prevent the unsafe factors of electric sparks when using electricity, so as to achieve firepro Read More

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