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Why do we need aerosol filling machine?
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Why do we need aerosol filling machine?

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aerosol filling machine is currently composed of conveying device, quantitative device, positioning device, detection device, electric control system, and air control system, and is a sophisticated production equipment.

What is the new development of aerosol filling machine?

How to use the aerosol filling machine?

What is the important part in the aerosol filling machine contain?


What is the new development of aerosol filling machine?

1. The general aerosol filling machine has three processes: filling liquid, sealing and inflating, but the process of the new aerosol filling machine is: vacuuming, inflating and sealing.

2. But in terms of equipment, general aerosols are manually operated or the entire assembly line, either too low-end or too expensive. The price of this new aerosol filling machine is relatively moderate, and it is still a small assembly line.

3. Novel, fashionable, safe and suitable for modern assembly line production.

How to use the aerosol filling machine?

The liquid medicine is cooled to about -20°C by means of a cooling device, and the propellant is cooled to at least 5°C below the boiling point. First pour the cooled liquid medicine into the aerosol filling machine, and then add the cooled propellant (you can also enter both at the same time). Install and tighten the valve immediately, the operation must be done quickly to reduce propellant loss.

Using the aerosol filling machine for cold filling is fast, has no effect on the valve, and the pressure of the finished product is relatively stable. However, refrigeration equipment and low temperature operation are required, and the propellant loss is relatively large. Water-containing products should not use this method. After the canning of the propellant is completed (for cold filling, the valve is also installed and closed with a cap), the push button is finally installed on the valve, and a protective cover is usually added. In this way, the preparation of the entire aerosol is completed.

What is the important part in the aerosol filling machine contain?

Rubber sealing ring: It is the control ring that closes or opens the inner hole of the valve. It is usually made of nitrile rubber. At the upper and lower ends, the contents are respectively controlled to enter the inner hole from the quantitative chamber and from the container to enter the quantitative chamber.

Spring: It supplies the elastic force for the push button to rise, and is sleeved on the lower part of the valve stem (or quantitative chamber). It needs to be made of stainless steel with stable quality, such as electrostatic vacuum furnace steel), otherwise the liquid will be easily deteriorated.

Sealing cap: its function is to fix the valve on the container, which is usually an aluminum product, and is coated with epoxy resin film if necessary.

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