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Where is the BOV aerosol filling machine used for
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Where is the BOV aerosol filling machine used for

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In today’s market, with people’s requirements for product quality, enterprise’s requirements for automation are getting higher and higher, and the market demand continues to expand, the BOV aerosol filling machine has become one of the most popular filling equipment. All along, the filling machine is a solid backing in the market. And with the continuous development of science and technology, the domestics BOV aerosol filling machine industry has also achieved rapid development. Its technical level, quality and equipment performance and other aspects have been greatly improved, in support of enterprise safety and efficient production have played an extremely important role. Then, let us introduce in detail what is the main use of the BOV aerosol filling machine.


Here is the content list:

Introduction of the BOV aerosol filling machine

The purpose of the BOV aerosol filling machine


Introduction of the BOV aerosol filling machine

The BOV aerosol filling machine is mainly composed of a liquid filling machine, sealing machine, inflator, booster pump, table, rack and pneumatic components. The filling machine is composed of a liquid metering cylinder and a charging head. The liquid metering cylinder and gas metering cylinder are fixed on the rear of the table surface. The filling head, sealing machine and charging head are installed on the platform plate of the lifting column. It is convenient to adjust up and down according to the different heights of the tank. The booster pump adopts the latest double-in-double-out efficient mode, and increases the caliber of the inlet and outlet pipeline.

First, no matter what the valve structure is, it will not affect the filling speed of the machine. Secondly, no matter what the internal structure of the valve is, the filling rate is high, uniform and within budget when using the BOV aerosol filling machine. Thirdly, the BOV aerosol filling method used by the aerosol filling machine places the sealing net, the projectile agent and the filling structure in one station, and the high speed filling characteristic inherent in the under-cap filling method makes it need the less filling head, which not only saves the space but also reduces the maintenance of the machine. Finally, the BOV aerosol filling machine is highly adaptable and any valve supplied by the supplier can be used for the BOV aerosol filling without the need for a special pressing head. There is no need to change the injector filling nozzles when replacing different valve types.


The purpose of the BOV aerosol filling machine

The BOV Aerosol filling machine collects the irrigation fluid, seals it, and inflates it on the workbench. Only one person has to take turns to produce conventional aerosols. The machine is safe, reliable, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and occupies a small area. Aerosol products have been widely used in industry, agriculture, national defense and other aspects, and their application prospect is expanding. Currently, industrial aerosols include pesticides and detergents and fire extinguishers. Food aerosols include whipped cream and so on.


Nowadays, with the continuous development of technology, the development of the BOV aerosol filling machine is more mature. I believe that we have learned what is the purpose of the filling machine through the introduction of what. People can choose a suitable machine from Yangzhou Meida Company, which is the best choice.


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