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Where are the aerosol filling machines used for?
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Where are the aerosol filling machines used for?

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An aerosol filling machine is a kind of equipment specially used for the production of aerosol products, mainly composed of three systems of filling liquid, sealing and charging. With the development of aerosol technology, equipment gradually mature, used in all walks of life, products by the unique packaging way of aerosol cans by a lot of people love. Nowadays, the aerosol filling machine has been widely used in daily chemical, automotive supplies, cleaning and sanitation, industry and construction, food and medicine, cosmetics and other related industries.


Here is the content list:

l Household hygiene and cleaning industry

l The personal care products industry

l Festival supplies industry

l Automotive care products industry

l Decoration advertising engineering industry

l Industrial supplies industry

l Medical supplies industry


Household hygiene and cleaning industry

If you want to have a comfortable and tidy home, household items are indispensable, and cleaners are indispensable. With the improvement of living standards, a variety of environmentally-friendly household items are gradually increasing, such as environment-friendly water-based insecticide aerosol, dry powder insecticide aerosol, long-acting insecticide aerosol, alcohol insecticide aerosol, etc.


The personal care products industry

Personal care products are mainly embodied in personal body and skin care. They are daily chemical industrial products that are spread on any part of the human body surface (skin, hair, nails, lips) by rubbing, spraying or other similar methods to achieve the cleaning, eliminating bad odors, and for the purpose of skincare, beauty and grooming. For example Bath foam, moisturizing body lotion, shaving foam, deodorant, etc.


Festival supplies industry

Every Spring Festival, New Year, wedding, large festivals and other occasions, in order to add a festive atmosphere, will see a variety of decorations, such as flame retardant ribbon, flammable spray need, flame retardant spray snow, flame retardant flying snow and so on.


Automotive care products industry

In the 21st century, under the guidance of the national industrial policy, the automobile industry ushered in a rapid development. Car care products are also rising, bringing a lot of convenience to car owners, such as: carburetor cleaning agent, brake pads and parts cleaning agent, and so on.


Decoration advertising engineering industry

With the development of the real estate industry, the decoration and building materials industry has developed rapidly, and there is a large amount of aerosol, such as foaming glue for door and window caulking, various spraying, automatic inkjet, gold paint, high-temperature spray paint and so on.


Industrial supplies industry

The industrial supplies industry is also called the means of production market, which is for people's production services, it provides goods as are means of production. For the cleaning agent in the production process, there are a variety of cleaning agents, such as white lithium lubricant, precision instrument cleaning agent, adhesive cleaning agent, silicone lubricant, dry film lubricant, release agent dry, release agent oil, and so on.


Medical supplies industry

In recent years, the application of new technology in aerosol is increasing. Firstly, the perfection of the administration system itself, such as the new inhalation administration device, makes the application of aerosol more convenient and more acceptable to patients. Secondly, the application of new preparation technologies, such as liposomes, precursor drugs, polymer-carriers, etc., can prolong the residence time of drugs in the lungs and play the role of slow release.


To sum up, the application of aerosol filling machines covers all walks of life. All the time, the aerosol machine closely follows the pace of the development of the era, and can meet the needs of the broad market.

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