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What is the bag on valve aerosol filling machine?
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What is the bag on valve aerosol filling machine?

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Bag on valve aerosol filling machinerefers to filling, sealing, pressure filling or under cover filling of aerosol products on one complete machine or several single machines, which is specially used for the production of aerosol products. Then, let’s introduce in detail what is the bag on valve aerosol filling machine?



Here is the content list:

Structure of the bag on valve aerosol filling machine

Working principle of the bag on valve aerosol filling machine


Structure of the bag on valve aerosol filling machine

The structure of the simple aerosol filling machine is mainly composed of a liquid filling machine, sealing machine, inflator, booster pump, table, rack and pneumatic components. The filling machine is composed of a liquid metering cylinder and a charging head. The liquid metering cylinder and gas metering cylinder are fixed on the rear of the table surface. The filling head, sealing machine and charging head are installed on the platform plate of the lifting column. It is convenient to adjust up and down according to the different heights of the tank. The booster pump adopts the latest double-in-double-out efficient mode, and increases the caliber of the inlet and outlet pipeline.


Working principle of the bag on valve aerosol filling machine

Priming: open the priming knob switch, the pneumatic directional valve of liquid measuring cylinder double directional control, irrigation fluid under the action of small cylinder power cylinder chamber inlet, inferior vena exhaust, power cylinder piston push the cylinder piston press, the night fluid after filling liquid in the cylinder head perfusion to the aerosol cans, power cylinder piston valve press the trigger signal, the signal output pressure valve. The double air-controlled reversing valve of the liquid metering cylinder is applied to make it change Y to make the inlet and outlet of the small cylinder of the filling head and the power cylinder turn He, so that the valve of the filling head is closed, and the metering cylinder is reset at the same time, and the same amount of the liquid is inhaled from the container, waiting for the next filling. The height of the positioning piston of the metering cylinder can be adjusted by rotating the adjusting handle on the top of the metering cylinder, so as to change the stroke of the piston of the metering cylinder and finally change the measurement size of the filling.

Seal: open the sealing knob switch, sealing machine double pneumatic reversing, reversing valve, sealing machine lifting cylinder chamber inlet, inferior vena exhaust, make the lift cylinder piston moves down, verbal pressure jar sealing valve, at the same time, sealing cylinder valve downward touches the seal at the bottom of the signal, the signal valve output pressure effect to the pneumatic directional control valve to seal of signal cylinder chamber inlet, inferior vena exhaust, the piston moves down. At the same time, the block of the sealing machine page touches the reset signal valve, and the output pressure of the signal valve acts on the double air-controlled reversing valve to make it reverse, and the piston of the lifting cylinder rises and resets. At the same time, the single air-controlled reversing valve reverses to make the sealing piston go up and the sealing claw shrink and resets.

Filling: under the control of compressed air and pneumatic components, the booster pump will automatically absorb the projectile from the cylinder or gas storage container, pressurize it into a high-pressure liquid and input it to the gasmetering cylinder for filling. The pressure of the liquid projectile can be controlled by adjusting the pressure of the air source on the boost pump.


Nowadays, with the continuous development of technology, the development of the bag on the valve aerosol filling machine is more mature, people can choose a suitable machine from Yangzhou Meida Company, which is the best choice.


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