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What are the advantages of the aerosol filling machine?
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What are the advantages of the aerosol filling machine?

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Aerosol filling machine belongs to the category of automatic liquid filling machine, with high accuracy, wide application, high automation and many other advantages, using 316 stainless steel refining, which is widely used in: pesticide, medicine, perfume, lubricating oil, edible oil and other large quantities, high speed, high precision filling field. The equipment has an independent operating system, can complete the work independently, fully automatic monitoring, can greatly save labor costs, improve work efficiency, belongs to the model of modern liquid filling. Next, let me introduce some advantages of the aerosol filling machine to you.


Here is the content list:

l Widely used

l Simple and convenient operation

l Security

l Low price


Used widely

Aerosol filling machine can be used for a variety of material filling work, such as air freshener, carburetor cleaning agent, self-spray paint, insecticide, shaving foam and so on. When we need to fill products, we only need to adjust the machine according to the model of the product, and then we can fill. The filling capacity can be adjusted according to customer requirements.


Simple and convenient operation

The operation of common aerosol filling machine generally has three steps. First, the filling of liquid raw materials. Second, the sealing of the valve. Third, gas filling. But some kinds of special aerosol product requires the reverse sequence, such as liquid materials with strong corrosive or raw material easily react with air, filling the tank of gas, for which can not directly contact and metal tanks, have no direct filling liquid. This special aerosol products will use the two-element filling machine.


The operation of the two-element filling machine is divided into four steps. The first step is to lift the valve and pump the tank into vacuum. The second step is to fill it with gas. The gas exists between the pouch and the metal wall of the tank. The third step is sealing. Equipment seals the valve tightly. The fourth step is forced to fill the fluid. The equipment force-fills the liquid through the nozzle into the bag, so that the liquid does not contact with the gas and metal. The first three steps are completed in a sealed state. But still attention to detail, attention to security, these are very important. As long as you understand the instructions, you can operate the aerosol filling machine.



Aerosol filling machine is equipped with compressed air storage tank, more stable air source power. Hand - operated adjusting rod, driven by worm, can easily adjust the lifting of equipment. Humanized automatic falling sun design, put an end to the hidden trouble caused by workers' misoperation. At the same time, the aerosol filling machine can be equipped with a protective device, so that the machine is more beautiful, and the operator is more safe. The machine reserved an air extraction pipeline, for the flammable projectile gas can be pumped away in time, to ensure the safety of the whole aerosol workshop.


Low price

Aerosol filling machine is a very high cost performance mechanical equipment, whose size can be large or small. Large manufacturers can use aerosol filling production line; small manufacturers can use a single filling machine. And the model of the aerosol filling machine is different, which take a popular development route, and generally can be accepted by people.


The application of aerosol filling machine is more and more widely, and the manufacturers of aerosol machine are increasing day by day. Understanding its advantages can help us better choose an aerosol filling machinery we need, which can also make our work more convenient.

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