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What are the advantages of a butane gas filling machine?
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What are the advantages of a butane gas filling machine?

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Butane gas filling machines can be filled with gas in a short time. The production line is suitable for all kinds of tanks, no need to change the mold, solve the problem that different diameter tanks need to change the mold in the production process, greatly saving time and improving production efficiency.


Here is the content list:

l Automatic butane gas filling machine

l Camping stoves gas filling machine

l Portable Lpg filling machine

l Butane gas production line


Automatic butane gas filling machine

The butane gas filling machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision,and high automation. butane gas filling machine can be compressed air or N2 and through the PLC and touch screen will be pressed together into a working head, under the cover for filling, and then filling liquid material. It is composed of a tank discharging machine, double head pneumatic capping machine, four head liquid filling machine, automatic weighing machine, water bath leakage tester, automatic actuator compressing machine, automatic cap pressing machine, coding machine, packing table, etc. Butane gas filling machine is an ideal production line for large factories.


Camping stoves gas filling machine

Camping stoves gas filling machine is a new aluminum valve application that minimizes volume and weight; camping stoves gas filling machines are integrated valve regulating rods for increased valve stability and durability. The 108mm bracket can be used by a single person or a small team. Camping stoves gas filling machine folding volume is small can easily put into the pot to carry. The application of a large furnace plate maintains the advantage of powerful firepower. Camping stoves gas filling machine is a perfect example of the combination of direct injection flame and large furnace plate, with better efficiency. The storage box with PC material can effectively protect the furnace from being damaged during carrying.


Portable Lpg filling machine

The portable Lpg filling machine has a reasonable design, compact model, and convenient operation; The filling volume and filling speed of the portable Lpg filling machine can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the filling accuracy is high; the filling head of the portable Lpg filling machine adopts the imitation drip filling device, which can be applied to glass water and bottled Filling of wine, etc. The main exposed parts of this machine are made of stainless steel, with a beautiful appearance.


Butane gas production line

The butane gas production line has a reasonable and compact structure, stable operation, flexible operation, and convenient specification conversion and adjustment. The functional structure of the butane gas production line includes automatic canning, cap arranging, capping, and automatic capping. It has the characteristics of fast production speed, high degree of automation, and stable operation; it can be widely used in food, medicine, chemical, and other fields. The speed of the aluminum cover is adjustable. Butane gas production line with the automatic start-stop function.


The butane gas filling machine has the advantages of high-reliability design, stable working performance, and simple maintenance. The butane gas filling machine can be developed and designed according to site conditions and operating requirements to meet individual needs. Butane gas filling machine has the advantages of high working efficiency, high filling accuracy, and high automation. Butane gas filling machine is an ideal choice for large refrigerating gas manufacturers.If you want to know more about high-quality Aerosol Filling Machine products, you can contact us.

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