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The method of using aerosol filling machine
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The method of using aerosol filling machine

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Aerosol filling machine is widely used in many industries, such as daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, chemical and other enterprises. Before filling, most aerosol filling machines need to go through bottle arrangement, bottle washing, water blowing, air drying, and then irrigate the bottles in normal pressure, vacuum or high pressure environment. With the development of aerosol filling machine up to now, it is very easy to use it and master the basic use method only by simple learning. But incorrect use and maintenance will greatly reduce the service life of the machine. The following is the correct use of aerosol filling machine.


Here is the content list:

l Place empty container

l Aerosol valve

l Filling

l Testing

l Labeling

l Packing


Place empty container

Our process starts with an empty container, which is either tinplate or tinplate aluminum alloy. Empty containers move along the production line. The custom product is added to the tank in the form of liquid, which contains all the active ingredients that our R & D team contains, except propellant. The volume of the liquid is very carefully controlled to ensure that it meets the weight and measures of the legislation.


Aerosol valve

Then our machine installs the aerosol valve on the tank. This is a very critical operation and our technicians must carefully set up the crimping machine to ensure that the tank / valve seal does not leak.



From there, the tank continues to inject propellant along the production line and mechanically, under pressure through the valve. The propellant can be in the form of liquefied gas or compressed gas. If liquefied gas is used, it will exist in the form of liquid in liquid phase and vapor in aerosol. If compressed gas is used, it is usually only in the headspace, above the liquid in the tank, with little increase in liquid volume. Again, the volume of propellant is very carefully controlled to ensure that it meets the weight and measures of legislation. The aerosol is now pressurized due to the addition of propellant.



After filling, leak test the tank. Once the leak is tested, check the weight of the tank to make sure it is filled correctly.



The actuator is then installed and the tank is date and batch coded before the cover is closed to ensure full traceability. (if labeling is required, the cans will be labeled with wet glue or self-adhesive through the labeling machine.)



Products and packaging should be boxed or shrink packed.


Before each use, small batch debugging should be carried out to check whether the bottle feeder can deliver bottles normally, and whether the bottle washing machine and water blowing machine can operate normally. We should also pay attention to the temperature control of the dryer and the filling accuracy. If it is confirmed that there is no problem, then gradually speed up the production speed. The correct use of aerosol filling machine can greatly improve our production efficiency.

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