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Magnet type automatic valve loading machine
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Magnet type automatic valve loading machine

Magnet type automatic valve loading machine from China manufacturer - MEITAR
  • QSF-II


This machine has three main parts: 1. Magnet type sorting valve device, 2. Pneumatic valve sorter, 3.Rotary valve inserter,

They can coordinate the three steps of the upper valve, and the automatic valve loading productivity is up to 45-55 bottles/min.This machine has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and safe use. It is a necessary equipment for automatic aerosol filling production line.

On the valve is an important part of the aerosol filling production line, automatic valve on the machine is the necessary equipment to realize the link, in order to ensure the aerosol valve to insert one by one, the aerosol cans in a row, the first step: must be the right amount of valves in the valve in the collating of hopper, through the effect of rotating and magnetic, sorting into the feeding valve, and then one by one, at the entrance to the suction valve, the second step:Under pressure, a single valve will be piped into the rotary valve cartridge and inserted into the aerosol tank below.

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