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How to maintain the aerosol filling machine?
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How to maintain the aerosol filling machine?

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Aerosol filling machine is specially used for filling and producing aerosol products. Aerosol products are easy to use and operate, so they are loved by the majority of consumers and widely used in various fields, such as personal care products, home care, food, industrial supplies, automotive supplies and so on. The service life of aerosol filling machine is limited, so how to extend the service life, which is inseparable from the daily maintenance. Now I would like to share you some daily maintenance methods of aerosol filling machine.


Here is the content list:

l Periodic maintenance

l Daily maintenance

l Safety production and matters needing attention


Periodic maintenance

The motor, bearing, conveyor belt, chain, pneumatic components such as cylinder, solenoid valve, speed regulating valve and electrical parts should be checked every month. To check the quality and movement can be adjusted by manual, cylinder and electromagnetic directional valve mainly check whether leakage and card lag phenomenon, electromagnetic valve can be manually forced action to determine whether the electromagnetic coil burned and the valve plug, electrical parts may be too control input and output signal lamp to check, such as check whether the switch element is damaged, line is short, the output device is working correctly.


Daily maintenance

The filling valve, dual packaging and packaging system, motor, conveyor belt and chain should be routinely checked every shift for normal operation and abnormal vibration and sound. Tighten the loose fasteners in time. If the cooling and lubrication system is abnormal, whether there is abnormal overheating and discoloration, fill the required brand lubricating oil in time.


Safety production and matters needing attention

l Please carry out production in a specially set workshop or production area, and the safety facilities in the workshop or production area comply with the relevant national regulations.

l Please use aerosol cans, valves and raw materials in line with national standards in production.

l If inflammable and explosive substances are involved in the production, fireworks, mobile phones and ventilation should be strictly prohibited in the workshop to prevent safety accidents caused by accumulation of inflammable and explosive gases.

l During the installation of the equipment, reliable anti-static grounding measures should be taken to avoid sparks caused by static electricity in the production process, which may lead to safety accidents.

l It is recommended to be installed in the production area far away from other electrical equipment.

l Gas cylinders, valves, pipes, cylinders and other equipment should be checked regularly, especially the movable connection parts. If air leakage is found due to aging of sealing materials or poor connection, it should be disposed of immediately.

l After the completion of production, the valve of compressed air and raw materials of the equipment should be closed. If reflux treatment is needed, reflux operation should be carried out in time.

l Finished products should be tested regularly. If air leakage is found, production should be stopped in time and the cause should be eliminated.


The operation of aerosol filling machine needs technical personnel to control. The daily maintenance of equipment also needs to comply with the operating procedures, to avoid the wrong maintenance methods to reduce the service life of machinery. The daily maintenance of aerosol filling machine should start from the above points. If you want your aerosol filling machine to last longer, treat it well.

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