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How many types does the aerosol filling machine have?
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How many types does the aerosol filling machine have?

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Aerosol filling machines are really a safe and reliable way to fill a long list of aerosol products from many different industries. Many popular uses include gas cartridges, washing products, pharmaceutical solutions, and cosmetics. These machines come in many different sizes and configurations to check specific requirements regarding production capacity, fill requirements, and available plant living areas. Here are the five most popular types associated with aerosol filling devices:


Here is the content list:

l Automatic

l Semi-automatic

l Spray-paint

l Pesticide

l Gas cartridge



Automatic aerosol filling machine is the production of aerosol filling equipment, with excellent performance, convenient operation, stable use and other advantages. Automatic aerosol filling machine includes three parts: filling machine, sealing machine and inflator. The equipment is powered by an air compressor without electricity. This type of machine is an excellent choice for filling pharmaceutical aerosols, such as bailed aerosol (BOV) and metered inhaler (MDIS) products such as shaving creams, lotions and other products. Most of these machines offer full service, including inflating, crimping, except for valve correction.



Semi-automatic aerosol filling machine is a pressure filling equipment, used to fill aerosol products, composed of four parts, liquid material, valve, pressure container, projectile gas. By first filling the fluid, then sealing, in order to complete the production process. Semi-automatic filling machines are a good choice for small stage performances, formulation work, testing and laboratory use. The machine can fill up to 15 cans per minute, but this volume varies with the skill of the operator and the amount of work done.



Paint aerosol filling machines are generally equipped with any conveyor belt in addition to the packing table to provide full assistance to the filling cans at a rate of 40 to 45 cans per minute. The machine is actually fully automated, using multiple tasks such as valve insertion, overweight checking and flow testing. Spray paint machine compact size, suitable for all types of industry.



Pesticide aerosol filling machine can realize propellant filling, sealing, valve positioning, liquid filling, feed liquid feeding and other operations. Similar to a paint sprayer, this device can fill up to 45 cans per minute. The automatic or semi-automatic nature of these machines makes them easy to operate and maintain.


Gas cartridge

Paint spray filling machines are often a practical choice for businesses interested in camping or outdoor gas supplies, such as propane or butane. These machines are designed to perform quickly and safely, and are designed with curled cover Settings to avoid leaks. A typical propane bomb can fill up to 10 tanks a minute.


Common aerosol filling machine has automatic aerosol filling machine, semi-automatic aerosol filling machine, spray-paint aerosol filling machine, pesticide aerosol filling machine and gas cartridge aerosol filling machine. With the development of automatic filling machine, automation and intelligence will be paid more and more attention. According to different filling objects, filling principles and filling methods are very different. Whether economical or high-end, software is bound to become a specific type of aerosol filling machine to test the needs of small or large departments.


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