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How does the automatic body spray filling machine work
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How does the automatic body spray filling machine work

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An Automatic spray filling machine is special filling equipment, which is classified as liquid filling equipment and gas filling equipment. Because of the special reason of pressure in aerosol products, the filling is divided into filling and inflation. The filling equipment fills the fixed quantity liquid into the aerosol tank under normal temperature and pressure, and the automatic spray filling machine fills the fixed quantity and certain pressure gas (or liquefied gas) into the aerosol tank. Because the aerosol product must have a certain pressure, the opening of the aerosol tank must be closed before inflation, and the air filling equipment fills the air through the valve opening on the top of the aerosol tank.


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l Working principle of automatic spray filling machine

l The main structure of automatic spray filling machine


Working principle of automatic spray filling machine

The atmospheric filling is also known as pure gravity, that is, under normal pressure, the automatic spray filling machine relies on gravity to flow into the product container. Most of them can flow freely. The liquid and non-liquid materials can be filled with this method, such as Baijiu, fruit wine, milk, soy sauce, vinegar and so on.

The isobaric method is also called the pressure gravity filling method, that is, the automatic spray filling machine first fills the packing container under the condition of higher than the atmospheric pressure, so that it forms the same air pressure in the liquid storage box, and then flows into the packing container by the gravity of the injected liquid material. This method is widely used in the filling of aerated beverages, such as beer, soda and sparkling wine. This filling method can reduce the loss of CO2 in this kind of product, and prevent excessive foaming in the filling process from affecting the product quality and quantitative accuracy.


The vacuum method is an automatic spray filling machine filling under the condition of less than atmospheric pressure, that is, the atmospheric pressure is in the liquid storage box, only the vacuum is drawn from the packing container, and the liquid is filled by the pressure difference between the liquid storage tank and the container to be filled. The domestic method is more commonly used in Baijiu and other products.


The main structure of automatic spray filling machine

The simple automatic spray filling machine mainly consists of a liquid filling machine, a sealing machine, an inflator, a booster pump, a table top, a rack and a pneumatic element. The automatic spray filling machine is composed of a liquid measuring cylinder and filling head, and the aerator is composed of a gas measuring cylinder and filling head. The liquid metering cylinder and gas metering cylinder are fixed at the back of the table, and the filling head, sealing machine and inflation head are installed on the table of the lifting column, which can be adjusted up and down according to the height of the tank. The booster pump adopts the latest high-efficiency mode of double inlet and double outlet, and increases the diameter of inlet and outlet pipes. When the automatic air freshener spray filling machine is used, it is only necessary to put the material and its own packaging bottles on the automatic spray filling machine's equipment, then adjust the filling parameters of the products, and automatically fill the products into the packaging. The automatic air spray filling machine is very convenient when changing materials, and only needs to replace the part of the blanking.

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