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High Speed Aerosol Liquid Filling Machine
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High Speed Aerosol Liquid Filling Machine

Capacity 120 cans/min
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High Speed Aerosol De Puck Machine

1 This machine is controlled by pneumatic and electrical, the entry and exit of the cans are linear, Safe and reliable.

2 The liquid filling parts and the metering cylinders are separated, which is convenient for connection with the upper and the lower conveying line, thereby saving installation space.

3 Multiple filling heads working at the same time, so the production efficiency is high.

4 The cans inlet and output line are controlled by frequency conversion, which can ensure the cans in and out stable, and the conveying speed can be adjusted according to the filling speed.

5 The filling head press the can , so no splash, and speed is fast.

6 The cans from the inlet conveying line to the filling head, and the filled cans enter the output conveying line are controlled by PLC and touch screen, so every action is stable.

7 The filling volume is adjusted by the worm, and the volume is displayed by the counter, so the adjustment is convenient.

8 The inhalation and extrusion of materials are controlled by standard cylinders, which are stable and reliable and easy to maintain.

9 Electrical part:

1) The control cabinet is separated from the main unit. Both the electric of control cabinet and the main unit connection are using a safety barrier

2) The main part is controlled by an explosion-proof valve, The door open sensor and each detection sensor are explosion proof. So it’s safe and reliable.

3) The machine detect cans output to ensure that the cans can be entered when there is no can in the conveyor belt.

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Technical Parameter
Capacity120 cans/min
Filling Volume10-500ml
Motor power0.55 kw
Applicable can diameterΦ35-Φ66 mm
Applicable can height75-350 mm
Filling accuracy≤±1%
Air consumption3m3/min

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