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Filling Machine News

  • Where are the aerosol filling machines used for?


    An aerosol filling machine is a kind of equipment specially used for the production of aerosol products, mainly composed of three systems of filling liquid, sealing and charging. With the development of aerosol technology, equipment gradually mature, used in all walks of life, products by the unique packaging way of aerosol cans by a lot of people love. Nowadays, the aerosol filling machine has been widely used in daily chemical, automotive supplies, cleaning and sanitation, industry and construction, food and medicine, cosmetics and other related industries. Read More

  • How does the aerosol filling machine work?


    Aerosol filling machine is very popular in the market now because of its simple operation, low labor cost and high work efficiency. Aerosol filling machine is similar to the combination of liquid filling machine and gas filling machine. The working principle of the aerosol filling machine is to determine the quantitative filling of the liquid before the gas filling. The working steps of the aerosol filling machine are divided into three steps: filling, sealing and filling. This article will introduce you in detail how the aerosol filling machine works. Read More

  • What are the advantages of canned machinery


    Since the company established, we have co-operated with many companies at home and abroad with the idea of the quality first and client is god which have achieved high popularity. Now the production capacity of our factory has reached 600,000 square meters annually. And our products apply far and wi Read More

  • Where is the spray paint filling machine used for?


    The spray paint filling machine is a brand-new design. Through excellent processing technology and high-quality raw materials, the performance of the spray paint filling machine reaches a higher standard. We perfectly design the spray paint filling machine for every detail to ensure the quality leve Read More

  • Where is the BOV aerosol filling machine used for


    In today’s market, with people’s requirements for product quality, enterprise’s requirements for automation are getting higher and higher, and the market demand continues to expand, the BOV aerosol filling machine has become one of the most popular filling equipment. All along, the filling machine i Read More

  • What are the advantages of the aerosol filling machine?


    Aerosol filling machine belongs to the category of automatic liquid filling machine, with high accuracy, wide application, high automation and many other advantages, using 316 stainless steel refining, which is widely used in: pesticide, medicine, perfume, lubricating oil, edible oil and other large quantities, high speed, high precision filling field. The equipment has an independent operating system, can complete the work independently, fully automatic monitoring, can greatly save labor costs, improve work efficiency, belongs to the model of modern liquid filling. Next, let me introduce some advantages of the aerosol filling machine to you. Read More

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