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Filling Machine News

  • What is the meaning of Air freshener filling machine?


    Air freshener filling machine is an all-in-one machine for bottle sorting, bottle feeding, filling, (sprinkler management, nozzle insertion) and capping. It is suitable for automatic bottle unscrambler, automatic filling, automatic addition of spray head by manipulator, and capping of 5-250ml capaci Read More

  • What is the importance of the aerosol filling machine?


    The accessories of the aerosol filling machine itself: mainly the sealing rings and Y-rings of some wearing parts. The auxiliary accessories needed in the production of aerosol products are: internal pressure measuring table, aerosol filling and sealing depth, diameter measuring table, and aerosol f Read More

  • What is the function do you know about the under cap filling machine?


    under cap filling machine, also known as refrigerant filling machine, is a gas filling machine, which is different from ordinary aerosol filling machines. The filling, sealing and vacuuming are carried out at the same time, and most of the products made are refrigerants. What to do before using the Read More

  • What do you know about the bag on valve aerosol filling machine?


    The bag on valve aerosol filling machine is the latest trend in aerosol filling machine technology. We use bag valve filling machines to meet the specific needs of separating aerosol components from propellant gases. This so-called bag-in-valve technology helps make aerosol products purer and safer. Read More

  • How much do you know about the under cap filling machine?


    At present, the under cap filling machine can be used for the filling of refrigerants (F12, F22, 134a), air-conditioning lubricants, air fresheners with quantitative valves, liquefied gas tanks for mountain tourism and other products. The under cap filling machine is easy to operate, has good sealin Read More

  • What do you know about the aerosol filling machine?


    The products produced by aerosol filling machine are generally composed of tin cans, valves, nozzles and large lids. And because aerosol products must have a certain pressure, the mouth of the aerosol can must be closed before inflation, and the inflator fills the air through the valve on the top of Read More

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