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Automatic Water Bath Leakage Test Machine
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Automatic Water Bath Leakage Test Machine

Temperature Control Accurancy ±1℃ Water heating power 30KW/40KW Tank volume 2.0m³ customizable Max. Air Consumption 0.6m³/min/ 0.6Mpa Capacity 2400-5400cans/h Soaking time 3-5min
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Automatic Aerosol Product Water bath Leakage Test Machine

The machine conveying the can from conveyor to main body by explosion-proof motor driving main shaft and screw can-divide device; the main shaft drive the hanging type sprocket to circulate continuously, So as to achieve can rotary, raise, and the hanging paw will be compressed and rebound then to finish the hanging of the can; by guide sprocket, enter into the water tank smoothly, after soaking 3- 5min, the worker could observe the soaking situation and to check whether it is leaking or not through inspection window, if the can is leaking, we could take out it through the window; those tested cans will be dried the residual moisture by blower and side wind; after enter main machine body, the can could be dropped off by drop-can system, and then conveyed to the conveyor by outlet star wheel.

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Technical Parameter
Temperature   Control Accurancy±1
Water heating   power30KW/40KW
Tank volume2.0m³ customizable
Max. Air   Consumption0.6m³/min/ 0.6Mpa
Soaking time3-5min

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