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Automatic Insecticide rotary index QGQ750 Aerosol Filling Machine
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Automatic Insecticide rotary index QGQ750 Aerosol Filling Machine

Capacity: 40-60cpm
  • QGQ750
  • Meitar

Automatic Insecticide Spray Filling Machine

Automatic insecticide spray filling machine consist of 1cans arranging machine,  2 liquid filling machine, 3 valve sorting & inserting machine, 4 valve crimping and gas filling machine, 5 automatic weighing machine, 6 water bath leakage tester, 7 actuator presser, 8 capping machine, 9 ink jet printer, 10 packing table, etc. Propellants could be LPG, DME, CO2, N2, compressed air, etc, this also can applied in spray paint, air freshener, body spray, car care spray, cosmetics, food aerosols etc.

Technical Parameter

Production capacity: 2400-3600cans/h
Liquid filling capacity: 30-750ml                           Gas filling capacity: 30-750ml
Filling accuracy≤±1%                                           Sealing accuracy≤0.3%
Air pressure: 0.8-1Mpa                                         Max. Air Consumption 3-5m3/min
Applicable can Diameter 35-71mm                     Applicable can Height 85-330mm
Details Images
Can Arranging Machine
2-4 Heads Liquid Filling Machine
Valve Inserting Machine
3 Heads Gas Filling Machine
Weighing Machine
Water Bath Leakage Tester
Actuator pressing Machine
Capping Machine
Packing Table
House Care
HOUSE CARE: air freshener, insecticide, furniture spray, pesticide, leather spray, toilet spray, glass spray.
Personal Care
PERSONAL CARE: perfume, deodorant, hair spray, shaving gel/foam, mouth spray, cosmetic spray, self-defence spray, police spray.
Car Care
CAR CARE: tyre repair spray, car windows spray, upholstery spray, engine cleaner spray.

OTHER INDUSTRIES: spray painting, PU foam, LPG cartridge, refrigerant gas, butane gas, fire extinguisher, anti-rust spray, mould release spray.

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